The concept behind EXPLUSION was born during my time at the Bogliasco residency fellowship in 2008. It references Massacio’s famous fresco of the Expulsion from the Garden of Eden in Florence. Yet, while Adam and Eve appear in the film as two nude figures mirroring the gestures of the characters in the fresco, the main protagonists of EXPULSION are the brightly colored, massive fruits and vegetables that taunt and overwhelm their human counterparts. EXPULSION uses fantasy and humor to interrogate gendered assumptions about guilt and victimhood, by placing anthropomorphized fruit and vegetables in the position of the antagonists. At the same time, it raises questions about the perceived danger of knowledge. Is it our human desire to obtain and control knowledge that is the destructive force? Or is knowledge – like the oversized fruits and vegetables in EXPULSION – simply too enormous a power for humanity to handle? This work was first shown as a multi channel installation at Five Myles Gallery in Brooklyn.