As a visual eulogy, PUTTI FOR SARA both grieves and glorifies its subject, raising unanswerable questions about memory, time and the afterlife. Indistinct bodies ascend through space as though floating in an ether of highly saturated neon pinks and acidic yellows, intermixed with reds and blues reminiscent of Renaissance frescoes. “Putti” refers to the angels decorating the chapels of Baroque duomos. The putti in this video are mostly adolescents who appear to drift upward in a contemporary version of heavenly ascension. They float between grid-like structures in a shifting and asymmetrical pattern, at once echoing and deconstructing the apartment buildings from which the images originate. The fragmented yet repetitive nature of these images calls to mind the conflicted nature of human memory in the wake of loss.
PUTTI FOR SARA is an immersive indoor multi channel installation and has also been a public art projection in NYC in 2012 at Big Screen Plaza.