ANITA GLESTA TRA, Chianti, Italy, 2001 (Commissioned by Chianti Sculpture Park)

Facing one another in a forest glade in a sculpture park in Chianti, Italy, this permanent installation uses the indigenous materials of the area to create a work which celebrates the tranquil site. The forms invite the viewer to have a quiet repose within the sculptures by insinuating themselves as oversized “lounges”.

The travertine “lounge” is twenty-one feet high (approx. 7m) and follows the slope of the hill which it is carved into. The striped marble “lounge” is approximately seven feet high (a little more than 2m) and follows the steeper slope of the hill and also invites the viewer to recline within.

The travertine and marble were quarried locally using the same source which was used centuries before the construction of the Duomo in Florence. The work draws humorous reference to the art history of the area which is the cradle of the renaissance.

Site specific installation, 2001. Chianti Sculpture Park, Chianti, Italy. Travertine and marble, dimensions variable
TRA, Chianti, Italy, 2001 (Commissioned by Chianti Sculpture Park)