In this site-specific installation, the square block of sky visible between the high walls becomes a solid ceiling of blue, contrasting with undulating river of concrete below. The alchemical quality of hand cast concrete, in which a powder is transmuted into a liquid and finally a solid, is reflected in the final product: by forming, ordering, and shattering this durable substance, I set out to transform the concrete into a complex surface that flows through space almost like water. Visitors are invited to step onto this road of solid liquid, to experience the blocks of concrete viscerally. They can be desired, walked on and held, or touched and climbed upon. Glistening, semi-transparent resin spheres and blocks further entice the viewer, luring him or her deeper into the installation. The swirling reds and yellows of the resin casts, which reference human organs, draw attention to the tiny footprints and feet cast into the concrete. Paradoxically, concrete – a substance often used to create massive, alienating urban deserts – here becomes the place for human connection and emotion. This atypical use of familiar materials becomes the vehicle for exploring the power of biology, and that mysterious and immeasurable human construction that is intuition. This was originally installed for Black & White Gallery, Brooklyn.

ANITA GLESTA PEDAZOS, Black and White Gallery, New York, 2004
PEDAZOS, Black and White Gallery, New York, 2004