“REVERIE; How many parts make a whole”

A couple is projected on the floor where a bed would usually be located in a hotel room. The projection is a straight couple and a gay couple. What they share as couples is the isolation from one another in their “partnership”. As she slowly moves her body away from him in long slow gestures, he tosses and turns in the opposite direction. One senses the mutual isolation from one another despite the shared “bed”; perhaps the longing for a unification of their hearts, bodies and souls.

The vision of possible unification is reflected in the mirror over where they lie like captions of their longing. Body parts spin and pulsate and are reflected in the mirror. The sound of their reverie is the constant beat of a heart. Feet walk on the floor as you enter the hotel to invite you into
their trance.

REVERIE is a distillation of the larger multi-channel work UNIVERSE UNTOLD that accompanies the site-specific installation created exclusively for the Satellite Art Fair 2016 on the monitor within the space.

ANITA GLESTA REVERIE, Satellite Art Fair, 2016
REVERIE, Satellite Art Fair, 2016