ON ANOTHER NOTE at Lyman Allyn, New London, CT

For the show “On Another Note” curated by Alva Greenberg at the Lyman Allyn Museum, I have installed a multimedia work. A video that features Janis Joplin singing “A Piece of My Heart” with the image of an animated butterfly flapping is projected in the center of the gallery.

Alongside this projection is a sculpture of various hearts in diverse materials in vitrines. This work is part of a larger series about the heart which I have been working on for a number of years.

Our heart pumps enough blood to circle the earth two and a half times. I am curious about the relationship between desire and letting go, the burdens from our obsessions and the liberation from them. How often are we told to listen to our hearts during moments of transition, for then we are in touch with the ‘right’ guidance.  And, how often do we do this?

My artwork often perceives human life as transitory with the awareness we are connected to something large and powerful like Nature, a visioning of co-habitation with all other species on the planet. I am amazed by our heart’s life-giving energy and how it carries us emotionally to love beyond its physical scope. The heart is often the last to shut down at death, Our hearts are what allow us to feel a sense of belonging to each other, to our past and futures and to the continuation of our species with the earth.

ON ANOTHER NOTE, Lyman Allyn Museum group show, New London CT, 2017