Essay  for  Arthur  M.  Sackler  Museum  of  Art  and  
May  2018  

PULSE  is  part  of  a  larger  series  about  the  heart  that  I  
have  been  working  on for  a  number  of  years  using  a  
variety  of  mediums  including  painting,  drawing  and,  
This  video  conveys  the  physical  and  emotional  world  of  being  human  through varied  moving  images  of  the  heart.  PULSE  references  both  technology  and  our  relationship  with  the  natural  world.  In  this  video,  tree  branches  become  arteries  and  sonograms  look  like  stock  market  readings.  Throughout,  the  consistent  imagery  of  the  heart  appears.    

A  compilation  of sonograms  of  my  own  heart  and  
kidneys,  medical  imagery  of  the  heart  from  the  
Internet  that  I  have  lifted and  altered  and,  my  hand  
drawn  linear  animations  of  the  heart,  pulsate  in  a  
triptych  of  moving  images.
On the wall is an 8’ tall ink scroll of interior organs. The “Vagas nerve” which runs along our spines, is embroidered in thread to accentuate the relationship of our nervous system to our emotions.

In  its  most  recent  iteration  for  the  Arthur  M.  Sackler  
Museum  of  Art  and  Archaeology,  Beijing  a  phantom  like  projection  of  a  naked  woman  surfaces  on a small rock on the floor. 

Her  slow  and  small  movements  infer  a  relationship  to  PULSE,  the  brightly  colored  video  and the ink drawing on  the  wall.  The  woman  on  the  rock  might  be  perceived  as  “the  container” of  the  hearts  adjacent  but  that  is  ambiguous.  Unambiguous  is  her  discomfort  as  the  figure  writhes  occasionally  disappearing  on the rock on which she uncomfortably moves.


INTERSECTION: International Art & Culture, Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology at Peking University